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1.8 million members: a symbol of competence, relevance and uniqueness
The combination of solidarity network (Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, SPF) and Benefactors' Association (GöV) is unique. Over the course of the past 30-plus years, the Benefactors' Association has made an important contribution towards the position that the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation currently finds itself in.

Another unique aspect and an important argument for benefactors to become members is the opportunity to support an important, meaningful and worthy cause, combined with the one-off benefit of CHF 250,000 which they are eligible to receive if they suffer spinal paralysis as a result of an accident and become permanently wheelchair-dependent.

More than 1,100,000 households have paid the membership fee in 2013. This corresponds to a membership (including family members living in the same house) of around 1.8 million people. This makes the Benefactors' Association of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation one of the country's largest membership organisations, and the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation one of the most important solidarity networks in Switzerland.

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