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Advantages of membership:

  • You receive 250,000 francs of support in serious cases
  • Membership is valid all over the world
  • Fast and unbureaucratic payouts  
  • This applies irrespective of the insurance benefits, where the accident occurs and where treatment is received

Types of membership

Single members

Annual member contribution of CHF 45.-.

for me as a gift

Couples, families and single parent

Married couples and families: Contribution of CHF 90.- Single parent: Contribution of CHF 45.-

for us as a gift

Permanent member

One-off member contribution of CHF 1,000

for me as a gift

General Terms and Conditions of Membership (T&Cs)

Existing membership

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My donation

I would like to make a donation without becoming a member.

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Important Information

Adult family members

Membership covers members' own children (family membership or membership for single parents) up to the end of the calendar year in which they turn 18. They then require individual membership.

Payment information

For payments within Switzerland:
Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, Benefactors' Association, 6207 Nottwil
Post Office cheque account: 40-8540-6

For payments from abroad:
Bank:  Swiss Post, Postfinance, 3030 Bern
IBAN: CH63 0900 0000 4000 8540 6
Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, Benefactors' Association, 6207 Nottwil


Additional information


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