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We are the leading institution for sports medicine in Switzerland. We advise and support athletes with and without disabilities on the basis of scientifically based assessments.

We offer elite athletes and ambitious recreational athletes alike an infrastructure that is unique in Switzerland and expert advice on performance physiology, acute medicine and injury prevention.

Needless to say, we also offer people who do not (yet) exercise regularly the option to have an in-situ assessment, whether it be to investigate problems, or before they take up a new sport.

In addition, we offer people seeking to lose weight advice about nutrition and training and put together an individual programme for them. We will of course assist you in reaching your target, such as running your first marathon. 

Our consultations for children's and teenagers' sports medicine and the research into performance physiology, with connections internationally, at our institution are unique. We can also offer you quick access to further examinations (laboratory, radiology) in acute situations.
Give us a call – we will be happy to advise you and put together an individualised quotation for you.

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