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SwiSCI Research Platform

As national research platform for clinical and societal questions, SPF coordinates the Swiss Spinal Cord Injury Cohort Study (SwiSCI).

SwiSCI is not only working together with partner clinics but also with the Swiss Paraplegic Association (SPV) and with people with spinal cord injury all over Switzerland.

SwiSCI is designed to record the development of people with spinal cord injury over an extended period of time. It is thus possible to identify problem areas, needs and possibilities for intervention. Specific clinical and community oriented research programs can accordingly be established. This allows demonstrating solutions on all levels - starting with the medical care in the clinic and professional supervision and support and care at home to adequate laws in order to contribute directly to the improvement of the situation of people with spinal cord injury (“get research into action”). The efficacy of measures on all levels can be evaluated in the course of time and accordingly improved.

Access to SwiSCI will be given to research teams in Switzerland and to researchers from all over the world according to a standardized procedure taking into consideration and respecting ethical aspects and privacy.

SwiSCI significantly integrates and strengthens research in the area of spinal cord injury (SCI). At the same time it creates a basis for the possibility to guide individuals with SCI throughout their life with respect to clinical care and social aspects. Within this main project, SPF works closely together with the Swiss paraplegic centers, the Swiss Paraplegic Association, research teams at Swiss universities, Swiss neurorehabilitation centers and several European and international work groups.

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