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Donation categories

Upon request, donations and bequests can be attributed to a specific donation category. Each of these categories is used for a specific purpose. In this way, the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation ensures that your personal values and interests are respected over the long term.

The advantages of choosing a category for your donation or bequest:

  • All donations are used for projects and services which benefit paraplegics in Switzerland.
  • Every year, a certified report is created which displays the way in which your donation or bequest was used.
  • The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation regularly releases transparent information regarding its fundraising activities. You will receive information at all times on how your contribution is being used.
  • There are no administrative costs, as the ongoing operations of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation are covered by the membership fees of the Benefactors’ Association.
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Comprehensive rehabilitation of paraplegics at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre.

By choosing a donation category, you will determine how your donation or bequest will benefit people living with spinal cord injury.

Swiss Paraplegic Foundation donation structure

  • Upon request, you can have your donation or bequest attributed to a specific category. Your contribution will be used for selected innovation and development projects within the respective category. Our priority, however, is on offering the maximum and most direct benefit to paraplegics. Donation categories allow you to play a tangible role in an area that has personal meaning to you.

    The following categories are currently accepting donations:

    All categories are associated with donation projects and various sub-funds.

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    A large portion of the donations used for buildings and infrastructure is going towards the renovation and expansion of the clinic. This project is necessary to ensure paraplegics receive the best possible acute care, rehabilitation and assistance well into the future.

  • With paralysis comes a great deal of additional expenses. Direct aid is necessary when these expenses and other costs required to treat a spinal cord injury are not covered by health insurance. Examples of such costs include the purchase of a wheelchair or artificial respiration machine, the adaptation of a patient’s living quarters or specialised medical services.

    The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation accepts direct aid donations when wheelchair-bound patients are unable or only partially able to finance the required services by themselves. When reviewing a request for direct aid, the income and financial circumstances of the applicant are taken into consideration. Every year, around 1,000 direct aid requests are approved.

  • You may decide to make a donation in your name, and choose to have it used for a specific purpose within the network of services at the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation.

    Because of the special conditions surrounding this kind of assistance, only gift amounts of CHF 500,000 and higher can be offered. This kind of legacy is managed by the SPF in accordance with all legal requirements, and appear as separate entities in our annual financial statement.

    The use of money from such a legacy is agreed with the donor in writing, or legally established according to a disposition in a will.

Enquiries and contact

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