Occupational therapy offers

Functional therapy (robotics: e.g. ARMEO, biometrics)

Hand therapy including the use of splints

Tetra hand surgery (hand consultation by an interdisciplinary team of professionals)

Transfer training (e.g. wheelchair-to-bed, wheelchair-to-car, etc.)

Training in writing and fine motor skills

ADL training (activities of daily living: eating, cooking, housekeeping, getting dressed, etc.)

Brain performance training (on the computer, CogPack, RehaCom, tasks with a pencil and paper)

City training/Learning by doing

Evaluation of the need for assistive devices (wheelchair, seat cushions, communication devices)

Wheelchair posture and pressure sore prevention (for comprehensive information, please see the Wheelchair Seat Centre)

Home and workplace conversions (in collaboration with the Centre of Obstacle-Free Building in Muhen)

Help with vehicle conversions and transport

Ergonomic counselling

Ergo-therapeutic treatment methods and measures

Manual therapies

Trigger point treatment

PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)

Therapies in line with the Bobath, Affolter and Perfetti methods

Brain performance as per Verena Schweizer and with the help of various computer programmes

Functional electrical stimulation

Physical measures, e.g. a paraffin bath

Somatosensory rehabilitation (Claude Spycher) e.g. for pain patients

Mirror therapy