Occupational therapy at the Centre for Pain Medicine

Occupational therapy at the Centre for Pain Medicine is recommended for both wheelchair and non-wheelchair users who experience musculoskeletal pain caused by trauma, disease or other factors. Our goal is to allow patients to achieve the greatest possible degree of independence in their everyday activities and improve the quality of their lives.

Our treatment offers

    • Medical history, health status
    • Strength test of the muscles and joints of the upper limbs
    • Fine motor and sensitivity test
    • Observation during activities
    • COPM (Canadian Occupational Performance Measure)     
    • Manual therapy
    • Everyday movements (regeneration and function training)
    • Strengthening of the upper limbs
    • Sensitivity training (desensitisation, stimulation)
    • Somatosensory rehabilitation as per Claude Spycher, alleviation of skin pain
    • Mirror therapy
    • Hand therapy including the use of splints
    • During everyday activities (body care, household chores, driving, etc.)
    • At the workplace
    • During leisure activities
    • Evaluation of the need for assistive devices (wheelchair, seat cushions, various devices for living areas, etc.)
    • Posture assessment (comprehensive assessments offered during consultations at the Wheelchair Seat Centre)
    • Technical motorisation assessments     
    • Structuring the day, planning the week (keeping a pain diary)
    • “Brain training” (as per Verena Schweizer, Cogpack) to improve concentration and awareness
    • Stress management
    • Development of self-help measures and identification of resources     

Our specialist

  • Ergotherapeutin

    Hildegard Kleinen

    Occupational Therapist

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