Sports therapy at the Centre for Pain Medicine

For chronic pain patients, sports therapy seeks to recognise and expound upon the interplay between exercise and physical well-being. To be effective, sports therapy utilises simple motion sequences and body awareness exercises.

At the Centre for Pain Medicine, sports therapy is an integral part of our multimodal concept, which, by taking into account all the facets of chronic pain, helps and motivates patients to implement positive changes in their lives. Despite pain and physical limitations, we can still learn how to move our bodies in a beneficial way and experience joy in our everyday activities.

Sporttherapie für chronische Schmerzpatienten im ZSM

What we offer

Sports therapy mostly takes place in groups with other patients, but can also be performed on a one-to-one basis with a sports therapist. Patients may also choose to be counselled with regard to the best possible sports and training sessions for their own particular situation. 


Sports therapy for chronic pain patients

Sports and exercise therapy uses medically recommended movements and behaviour-oriented components that are planned, prescribed and coordinated by an interdisciplinary team of physicians and therapists and carried out with the patient in a group or individual setting. This type of therapy utilises sport, exercise and behaviour management to improve the physical, mental and psychosocial impairments associated with everyday leisure and work activities, minimise risk factors and prevent injury.

Sports and exercise therapy is based on medical, training, kineosological and, in particular, pedagogical-psychological and socio-therapeutic elements (German Society for Healthy Sport and Sports Therapy, 2010).

Krafttraining im Zentrum für Schmerzmedizin

Strength training at the Centre for Pain Medicine

Our specialist

  • Zentrum für Schmerzmedizin

    André Pirlet

    Sports Scientist and Physiotherapist