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Vocational Rehabilitation

The ‘Vocational Rehabilitation Unit’ (VRG) conducts research in the field of rehabilitation of individuals whose functioning in their vocation, occupation, or work is impaired, limited, or restricted. Work disability can be associated with a health condition or health-related event and can also be influenced by the environment.

VRG’s main objective is to provide sound assessment of vocational interventions that would benefit the individual and the society by way of that individual’s integration or reintegration into the community. Specific aims of the VRG are (1) to develop an ICF-based Core Set for vocational rehabilitation, (2) to test and validate the Core Set in various healthcare settings and health professions, and (3) to establish an ICF-based platform which can be utilized to understand and examine occupational health and vocation-related activities.

The group’s main stakeholders are the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, the ICF Research Branch of the WHO-FIC CC DIMDI at SPF and Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich Germany, Swiss Accident/Injury Insurance, the International Labour Organization, work rehabilitation hospitals and centres, health professional organizations, social security systems, and patient organizations.

VRG works closely together with other research groups within Swiss Paraplegic Research, such as SwiSCI, a clinical and community-based spinal cord injury cohort study. It also collaborates with other research institutions in Switzerland and abroad.

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