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Human Resources

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Human Resource Management (HRM) ensures that the SPG has a modern, professional and proactive personnel management department.

We commit ourselves to an integral Human Resource approach and see ourselves as one of the central links in the value-creation chain within the SPG. Our work is based on successful managerial, organisational and social skills.

Our employees possess professional HR expertise and have a refined understanding of customers, both for our internal and external partners. We are proactive business partners for management and for the production line, both in an operational and a strategic sense. We provide our services as "business partners" for our patients, benefactors, employees and the environment.

We champion the belief that the "human investment" is among the SPG's most important business activities. This is the reason why we seek to retain, develop and attract employees who are highly skilled, enthusiastic and who put the patient first. This enables us to deliver sustainable, measurable benefits in order to achieve the company's objectives and to define areas of emphasis in the development of the organisation.

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