A memorial donation – a sign of hope

Losing loved ones is extremely painful and causes profound grief. Despite this, or because of this, those left behind often feel the need to make a positive and meaningful gesture in memory of the person who has died. 

With a memorial donation to the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, you are showing solidarity. Your contribution supports people with spinal cord injuries on their way back to a self-determined and fulfilled life.

Donations in memory of somebody – extremely simple, but effective

In the event of the death of a loved one, you have two ways of making a donation. This does not involve much effort, but provides significant support to people with a spinal cord injury and to our foundation. 

Spende im Trauerfall

Donations instead of flowers

You can, for example, ask people to make a donation to the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation instead of buying flowers or wreaths.

What to do:

  • Mention the donation in the obituary.
  • Include the details of the donation account to IBAN no. CH14 0900 0000 6014 7293 5 of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation in Nottwil and a reference to your memorial collection. For example: “In memory of” and the name of the deceased.
  • Please telephone or e-mail us with the name and place of residence of the deceased, the reference you have chosen, and your contact details. This will enable us, after a few weeks, to send you a list with the names of people who have made donations.

Collection for the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation

You can also make a collection for the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation at the service of thanksgiving.

What to do:

  • Please discuss what you would like to do with the minister.
  • After the service of thanksgiving, the church office can transfer the collected amount to our IBAN no. CH14 0900 0000 6014 7293 5 with a reference to the deceased and the address of the bereaved family. This will enable us to thank you for your donation. 

«When we spark joy, pain decreases.» Anonymous

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