Accessible website for the Swiss Paraplegic Group
The Swiss Paraplegic Group has an accessible website at "".

What is accessibility on the Internet?
Accessible websites give anyone unrestricted access to use and read a website.
Many people's physical limitations are often ignored in the creation and implementation of a website. Certain techniques in web design can become barriers to these people. Consequently, accessible sites help people with disabilities read and use them.

What makes a website accessible?
The most important features of an accessible website are:

  • fonts that can be magnified to any size
  • good contrasts and clear fonts
  • easy language – no convoluted or long-winded sentences
  • important navigation points can be reached with access keys
  • alternative texts for images with relevant content
  • the website must also be readable without Java script and Flash
  • tables are not used for design (separation of representation and content)
  • clear and logical navigation and website structure.

Use of access keys
The following access keys are defined on the website of the Swiss Paraplegic Group, enabling the user to navigate via the keyboard:

0 = Go to the home page
1 = Go to the main navigation
2 = Go to the contents
3 = Go to the contact page
5 = Go to the language selection
6 = Go to search

The user can then navigate through the site using the Tab key.

How access keys work

  • Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox up to version 1.5: ALT + Access key number + Enter
  • Firefox 2 or higher: ALT + Shift + Access key number
  • MAC input: Ctrl + Access key number
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