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    We support people with spinal cord injuries. Throughout their lives.

    Swiss Paraplegic Group

The Swiss Paraplegic Group supports people with a spinal cord injury by means of a comprehensive and globally unique network of services – from the site of the accident or from when the disease is diagnosed for the rest of their lives. 

Our vision is a world where people with a spinal cord injury lead independent lives in the best possible health.

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ParaForum Visitor Centre

Visit our interactive multimedia exhibition, sit in a wheelchair, and experience a different perspective. During your visit, you will get to know four interesting personalities. In the fictitious shared apartment, they speak of their accident or disease, of rehabilitation, of friendship and love. Our ParaForum Visitor Centre is free of charge and makes an ideal day's outing for young and old.

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ParaForum Visitor Centre

Beacons of Hope

Explanatory Video Swiss Paraplegic Group

Knowledge, education, research

Exclusive insights and moving stories

Find out from a wide range of perspectives what it means to no longer be able to walk. How do patients who have had an accident experience rehabilitation that lasts up to nine months in the Swiss Paraplegic Centre? How does life change with a spinal cord injury? People with a spinal cord injury will answer these questions for you in their personal stories.

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