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    Beacons of Hope

    Hope as a resource 

The power of hope

An accident or an injury changes a life path from one moment to the next – your own path or that of somebody close to you. When you need to find a new direction or overcome obstacles, you often hold onto hope. It gives you the motivation you need to face up to challenges.

On the Nottwil campus, you will find Beacons of Hope to provide you with positive inspiration, activate your own resources, and encourage reflection. Each Beacon of Hope sheds light on an individual source of confidence and shows how you can face up to challenging situations with new strength. 

Overview Beacons of Hope

What hope achieves

Hope is the human characteristic that ensures that life is maintained, goals are achieved, problems are solved, and obstacles are overcome. If we are utterly devastated and want to give up, hope and confidence help us to change something about our situation and to look positively to the future.

Hope has a positive effect on body and soul. It makes it easier for us to tolerate pain and to recover more quickly from illness and surgery, while also increasing our body’s defences. It has been scientifically proven that believing in recovery can mobilise our self-healing powers.

Hope leads to new determination. And this gives us the will to survive. Hope in our own scope of influence and in help from others releases energy that allows us to become active, to overcome despair, and to rediscover our joie de vivre.

What can you do when things feel hopeless?
Stele Beacons of Hope


Synonyms for hope: assurance, faith, trust in God, optimism, confidence, satisfaction, belief in progress, belief in the future, joie de vivre, courage to face life, joy of being, affirmation of life




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