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    The Visitor Centre of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation

A place of encounters

The ParaForum is a place of encounters between visitors and people living with a spinal cord injury. This is where they can meet at eye level, satisfy their thirst for knowledge on the topic of spinal cord injuries, and make unforgettable memories.

Visit our interactive exhibition and find out more about the everyday life of Sarah, Matteo, Christine, and Stefan, or let our tour guides take you round the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC).



    • Monday


    • Tuesday - Saturday

      10.00 am – 5.00 pm

    • Sunday and bank holidays

      10.00 am – 5.00 pm

  • 24.12.2020 - 04.01.2021 - closed

    05.04.2021 - Easter Monday - closed

    24.05.2021 - Whit Monday - closed

    01.08.2021 - National Holiday - closed

    24.12.2021 - Christmas Eve - closed

    25.12.2021 - Christmas Day - closed

    26.12.2021 - St. Stephen's Day - closed

    31.12.2021 - New Year's Eve - closed

    01.01.2022 - New Year's Day - closed

    02.01.2021 -  Berchtolds Day - closed


  • Admission to the ParaForum exhibition and the guided tours are free services provided by the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation.

  • Having a spinal cord injury means more than no longer being able to walk. Get to know four interesting personalities as they speak of their accident or disease, of rehabilitation, of friendship and love, and of professional reintegration.

    Find out more about our interactive multimedia exhibition.

  • Join our tour guides as they take you through the Swiss Paraplegic Centre and allow you to experience everyday life in the clinic first-hand.

    Find out more about our guided tours.


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