• Klinische Forschung

    Expertise and research

    Extensive research allows for the development of solutions to specific paralysis-related issues.
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  • Fussgängerin und Rollstuhlfahrer auf einer Treppe mit Rampe

    Understanding spinal cord injury

    A spinal cord injury turns a person’s life completely upside down.
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  • Rehabilitation - Physiotherapie


    Professional rehabilitation allows for spinal cord injury-related complications to be kept to a minimum.
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  • Schattenfiguren mit Rollstuhlfahrer und Fussgängern

    The consequences and complications of a spinal cord injury

    A spinal cord injury is a serious medical condition that can sometimes even be fatal.
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  • Transfer über Treppe


    For patients, the chances of regaining an autonomous lifestyle depend on their ability to overcome the barriers imposed by their environment.
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  • Junger Rollstuhlfahrer in der Schule

    Integration and education

    Hard work and education are the building blocks for a meaningful life. They allow patients to participate in social events, develop their autonomy and improve their self-esteem.
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  • kongresse

    National and international research networks

    The SPG is a member of several national and international research networks.
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Would you like to learn more about spinal cord injury?

Find out what it means for patients and their bodies when all of a sudden everything works differently – or not at all.

Learn how professional rehabilitation can increase the chances of success, as well as the possibilities for integration and education. And finally, discover just how vital a role the environment plays in helping patients to overcome barriers.

Are you a patient or academic and interested in research?

You too can learn how research benefits our work!

Research helps to improve existing know-how and uncover new techniques. For this reason, Swiss Paraplegic Research has teamed up with the Clinical Research Department of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre to explore a variety of research topics on spinal cord injury. Learn more about our research topics and discover how patients can take part in the development of new therapies and treatments.

Are you interested in further training?

We offer a wide and diverse range of further training Options!

Immerse yourself in a world of paraplegia research!

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