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Donations for paraplegics

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Egal in welcher Höhe, Sie leisten einen wichtigen Beitrag für Menschen mit Querschnittlähmung.

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Devastating blows of fate can turn a person's life upside-down from one day to the next. People with a spinal cord injury have to face great physical and psychological challenges, as well as, in many cases, financial obstacles.

With your donation you can support a specific project or you can make a general donation to us, which will be used where it is most urgently needed. 

“We support and assist people with a spinal cord injury. Throughout their lives. With passion.” This is our promise to people living with a spinal cord injury. You can help, too, with your valuable donation.

Further options for making a donation

There are many other ways to donate to support people with spinal cord injury. Be it an event donation, a memorial donation, a special fundraising campaign or institutional donations - every contribution helps.

Further options for making a donation

General donations

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Swiss Paraplegic Foundation
6207 Nottwil

CH14 0900 0000 6014 7293 5 


Tax number: 1195279
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A more efficient use of funds

The companies of the Swiss Paraplegic Group, under the authority of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, render services to paraplegics which are not covered by health, accident or social security insurance. Donations help the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation to offset the resulting deficits. Donations are used for selected development and innovation projects, in a way (as much as possible) that directly benefits paraplegics.

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