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Lifelong care

People with a spinal cord injury (including spina bifida) often find themselves confronted with numerous spinal cord injury-associated health problems. These include typical and commonly occurring health problems, such as spasticity, neuropathic pain, bladder and bowel dysfunction, urinary tract infections, breathing problems, respiratory infections and pressure sores. At the same time, people with a spinal cord injury have an increased risk of age-associated health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease and certain forms of cancer (e.g. bladder cancer). Lifelong care is important in order to prevent medical problems, to provide early diagnosis, and to ensure regular checks of the outpatient rehabilitation process so that people with a spinal cord injury can enjoy the greatest participatin and quality of life.  


In addition, a spinal cord injury is not a static condition. Ageing and time since onset of the paralysis change the state of health and functional ability, e.g. through reduced muscle strength and mtor abilities or increased neuropathic pain. As well as support and care for spinal cord injury-specific topics, musculoskeletal problems are also a main focus of life-long care. On top of the functional problem, particular emphasis is placed on reintegration into social and professional life. 


With the goal of maintaining or regaining optimal participation and quality of life, spinal cord injury advice services apply an interdisciplinary approach (evaulation, diagnosis, care, advice) and, depending on requirements, comprise the following (and other) areas: 

  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation / general internal medicine
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Neuropsychology
  • Speech therapy
  • Neurology
  • Neuro-Urology
  • Pulmonary medicine
  • Radiology
  • Spinal surgery / Orthopaedics
  • Neurosurgery
  • Hand surgery
  • Gynaecology
  • Plastic Surgery

Nottwil is the main site for outpatient care and outpatient appointments are also offered in co-operation with the regional outpatient care units in CHUV Lausanne and Bellinzona (for registration see "Practical information"). 


    We provide rapid, comprehensive and competent assistance in the case of spinal cord injury-specific problems. 

    Available treatments


    The aim of research within the Outpatient Care Unit is to improve lifelong care for people with a spinal cord injury and spina bifida. In addition to our own research projects, we work closely with the Clinical Trial Unit and SPR

    Further training centre: internal medicine and physical medicine

    Our specialists

    • Inge Eriks-Hoogland Ambulatorium

      KD Dr. med. Inge Eriks-Hoogland, PhD

      Head and Senior Consultant in Outpatient Care Unit

      Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
      Head of Outpatient Care Unit
      Head of Transition SPC
      Head of Research Outpatient Care Unit

      Head of Further Training Centre Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    • Catherine Romani Ambulatorium

      Dr. med. Catherine Romani

      Senior Consultant in Outpatient Care Unit

      Specialist in General Internal Medicine
      Registered Wound Expert SAfW
      Head of Wound Clinic Outpatient Care Unit

    • Josephus Maria Ruijgrok Ambulatorium

      Josephus Maria Ruijgrok

      Senior Consultant in Outpatient Care Unit

      Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    • Mide Veseli Ambulatorium

      Dr. (BG) Mide Veseli-Abazi

      Consultant Outpatient Care Unit

      Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics

    • Michael Kowollik Ambulatorium

      Michael Kowollik

      Consultant Outpatient Care Unit

      Specialist in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    • Liubov Opokina Ambulatorium

      Liubov Opokina

      Consultant Outpatient Care Unit

    • burgmeijer eduard

      Eduard Burgmeijer

      Consultant Outpatient Care Unit

    • sonja krcum cvitic

      Sonja Krcum Dvitic

      Deputy Consultant Outpatient Care Unit

    • Laurentiu Armand

      Laurentiu Armand Dragavei

      Junior Doctor Outpatient Care Unit

    • Sofia-Theresia Schulze

      Sofia-Theresia Schulze

      Junior Doctor Outpatient Care Unit

    • Heidi Ammann Ambulatorium

      Heidi Ammann

      Head of Outpatient Registration

      Phone +41 41 939 58 58
      Fax +41 41 939 58 57
    • Rahel Tschopp Ambulatorium

      Rahel Tschopp

      Medical Materials Requirements Planner

      Phone +41 41 939 58 62
      Fax +41 41 939 58 57
    • Lorena Müller Ambulatorium

      Lorena Müller MSc. M.A.

      Scientific Staff Member Outpatient Care Unit

      Phone +41 41 939 50 23

    Practical information

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