Swiss Paraplegic Centre

The Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) in Nottwil (Canton Lucerne) is a nationally and internationally recognised private specialist clinic for spinal cord, back, and respiratory care, offering acute treatment and rehabilitation for life. The SPC has 204 beds available and employs 1569 members of staff. It was opened in 1990 by Dr. med. Guido A. Zäch.

The specialist clinic belongs to the Swiss Paraplegic Group, which comprises an integral network of services for the comprehensive rehabilitation of people with a spinal cord injury. The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation is responsible for the network. Further information is available on

Facts and figures - Swiss Paraplegic Centre

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Our vision and mission

Swiss Paraplegic Centre - a national and international leader in spinal cord, back and respiratory medicine.

"The best possible medicine” is our guiding principle as we deliver spinal cord, back and respiratory medicine for acute treatment and rehabilitation for life. Supported by participation, research and management. Part of the Swiss Paraplegic Group network.


Unsere Vision - SPZ


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