Art therapy

Art therapy is a form of treatment that is focused on action, experience, and resources. It uses all forms of artistic media to accompany and support the rehabilitation process. Art therapy offers space and support to perceive, express and share individual feelings and experiences.

Sculptural and three-dimensional design, receptive art therapy, poetry and stories, role play, imagination techniques, working with sand and figures, and art therapy discussions: perception based on all the senses opens up a wide range of resources and problem-solving approaches. It does not require previous artistic abilities. Therapy is individually adapted to the patient’s functional capabilities and emotional state. Art therapy is also possible with a high level of paralysis.

Our therapy offer is mainly available to inpatients. If we have available capacity, we also offer outpatient therapies.

L’art-thérapie au Centre suisse des paraplégiques

Art therapy at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre

Our offer

  • Facilitating clarity of consciousness and orientation
  • Facilitating ability to communicate (also non-verbally)
  • Enabling a creative process
  • Providing emotional relief and support
  • Activating self-healing powers
  • Structuring the changed life situation
  • Dealing with acute and chronic pain
  • Discovering new possibilities and solutions
  • Strengthening self-confidence
  • Activating and building up resources



  • Therapies for inpatients are included in the per-case flat rate.
  • Outpatient therapies can be settled through additional insurance. Please clarify with your insurance which costs will be covered before starting therapy.


  • English, German, French

Our art therapists

Our team consists of two qualified art therapists.


We offer internships

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