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Applied clinical research at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) is primarily focused on the continual search for finding new ways to improve the treatment and rehabilitation of our patients.

In order to ensure the best possible lifelong care for patients, doctors and researchers must constantly gather data and information regarding patients with spinal cord injuries, information which may concern the post-admission rehabilitation process or the effects patients feel while trying new treatments.

We are grateful to all our patients who contribute to SPC research by participating in clinical research projects and/or by making their medical data available for research purposes. All research projects conducted at the SPC are approved by the hospital’s ethics committee, and all patient data is encrypted before being used

  • Based on the Swiss human research act we are only allowed to use your personal data and samples if a signed consent is available. Therefore you got the short version of the so called general consent (GC) as well as an informed consent form to sign, together with the notification for your stay at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre. With this GC we would like to ask you, if you agree to share your personal medical data and biological rest material as well as blood and urine samples for clinical research purposes. With your consent you can contribute to advances in medical research. Below in the download area you will find the long version of this GC document with further explanations and information. Thank you very much for your support.

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Participation in studies

The information below is designed to help you make an independent and well-informed decision on any eventual participation in a clinical study.


Study information

The Swiss national KOFAM study registry contains information on all the studies that are currently taking place in Switzerland. This registry is useful for discovering the details and objectives of studies, and what you’ll need to do to participate. A filter function lets you narrow down your search to a certain illness or study location.

We recommend reading the following document if you wish to get a better idea of the importance and benefits of participating in studies after a spinal cord injury, and of what you can expect as a potential study participant: ”Experimental Treatments for Spinal Cord Injuries” (published by an international panel of experts). This document also includes an extensive glossary with explanations of the terms that are most often used in clinical research dealing with spinal cord injury.

Other information platforms

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