Quality measurements

Quality measurements and results

A combination of excellent structural conditions and fixed and controlled work processes leads to outstanding results. At the SPC, we measure these results, which include patient satisfaction, medical findings and financial results.

The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation, its subsidiaries and its partner organisations define the expected values, and specify how these are to be measured.

Qualitätsmessungen und Ergebnisse

Mandatory measurements

The National Association for Quality Development in Hospitals and Clinics (ANQ) coordinates and completes quality measurements in “Akutsomatik” (medicine, surgery and gynaecology), rehabilitation and psychiatry. The results of these measurements provide the basis for a clear comparison with other national healthcare centres. Thanks to these findings, hospitals can develop custom measures to improve their quality.

  • ANQ Rehabilitation
    Paraplegiology quality measurements
    National patient satisfaction in rehabilitation
    Results: https://www.anq.ch
  • ANQ Akutsomatik (medicine, surgery and gynaecology)
    National patient satisfaction in Akutsomatik
    Swissnoso wound infection measurements
    Rate of potentially avoidable re-operations and re-hospitalisations
    Measurement of the prevalence of falls and pressure sores

Independent measurements

Along with mandatory measurements, we continually work with independent institutions to measure patient and employee satisfaction. The results of these measurements offer valuable insight as to whether the services we provide correspond to the needs of our patients and employees. Each department of the organisation then discusses the results and comes up with action plans for improvement.


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