Patient Care Service

An open and neutral ear for questions, worries, wishes, feedback and complaints – for everyday personal concerns which come up during your stay at the clinic. Patients and their relatives are free to choose what they need.



The following services are available via our Patient Care Service Department:

  • Concrete support with non-medical or nursing-related needs, such as in-room discussions with patients, walks with patients, helping patients eat, reading to patients, shopping for patients, accompanying patients to outside activities, etc.
  • Receiving patient feedback and complaints, and, if necessary, acting as a mediator/coordinator between patients/relatives and other departments
  • Helping patients with difficult discussions (speaking for the patient)
  • Language support for patients/relatives in German, French, Italian and English
Verena Birri im Gespräch mit einer Patientin im Schweizer Paraplegiker Zentrum

Verena Birri having a chat with a patient at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre

«The time spent together, whether it be talking, walking, sitting in the rose garden or just enjoying the silence, always reminds me of just how wonderfully simple life can be.»


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