Complementary medicine at the Centre for Pain Medicine

At the Centre for Pain Medicine, we offer complementary medical treatments such as hypnosis, acupuncture and neural therapy. These treatments can be administered individually or combined with other pain therapy procedures.

Akupunktur im Zentrum für Schmerzmedizin

Our treatments

Our specialists

  • Matthias Laun Schweizer Paraplegiker-Zentrum

    Matthias Laun

    Senior Consultant in Anaesthesiology, Centre for Pain Medicine

    Specialist in Anaesthesiology
    Specialist in Interventional Pain Management SSIPM
    Special Pain Therapy (Germany)

  • cem-yetimoglu-spz

    Cem Yetimoglu, M.D.

    Speciality Registrar in Neurosurgery, Centre for Pain Medicine

    Neurosurgeon (FMH)
    SGSS Pain Specialist
    Complementary medicine 

  • sabine-brunner-spz

    Dr. med. Sabine Brunner

    Specialist in Orthopaedics, Centre for Pain Medicine
  • julia-neuenschwander-spz

    Dr. med. Julia Neuenschwander

    Specialty Registrar in Neurourology