During your Stay

Your stay at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre – We are here for you

We strive to make the everyday lives of our patients and their relatives as comfortable as possible. Our services, as well as the information we provide patients with regard to their stay, are designed with this goal in mind.

  • Shopping

    You will find a wide range of everyday items on sale at the kiosk.
    Opening times:
    Monday to Friday 6.30 am – 10 pm
    Saturday / Sunday 8 am – 10 pm

    Leisure time

    There are a range of leisure activities for mobile and immobile patients. The nursing team can advise you accordingly. Please check the events calendar in the multimedia patient terminal and the notice boards on the wards.

    Studio for Design

    The Studio for Design offers a welcome distraction from the everyday routine of therapy. You can be creative in a way that reflects your ability without any pressure to perform or time pressure. You do not need to register in advance or to provide a medical prescription.
    Opening times:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 2 – 6 pm
    Wednesday 2 – 6 pm
    7 – 9 pm
    Friday to Sunday 2 – 5 pm
    We will come to your room on request. If you have any questions, please call internal extension 5715.

    Going out

    You may leave the SPC premises until 10 pm if you have permission from a doctor. You will require a pass to leave, which is issued by the nursing staff and signed by your doctor. If you require assistance getting ready for bed after 10 pm, please arrange this with the nursing staff.

    Weekend leave

    Regular weekend leave is from Friday at 4 pm until Sunday at 10 pm. You will require a pass to leave, which is issued by the nursing staff and signed by your doctor. Special rules apply to long weekends and public holidays.


    You may receive visits at the following times: 11 am – 8 pm on the Intensive Care Unit and in patient rooms and 11 am – 10 pm outside patient rooms. Please be considerate to people in neighbouring rooms. Visitors may only be received outside normal visiting times if this is arranged with the nursing staff. Visitors are asked to eat their meals in the restaurant and to use the public toilets in the SPC.


    Call internal extension 5764 to make an appointment.
    Opening times:
    Wednesday to Friday 9 am – 6.30 pm
    Saturday to Tuesday closed
    You will have to pay for this service.

    Open singing

    Saturday, 10.30 – 11.45 am, Prayer Room
    For patients, relatives, and staff

    Therapy plan

    You will receive a therapy plan showing your personal therapy sessions and rehabilitation meetings with your treatment team. This will also show your planned discharge date. Please speak to your nurse if you have any questions or if there are discrepancies.

    Visit by the therapy dog

    A therapy dog team visits us regularly in the studio. The trained dog is happy to let you stroke it and understands you even if it is not familiar with your language. If you have any questions, please call internal extension 5715.

    Ward rounds

    Ward rounds vary from day to day and are different in all departments. You will find the exact times on your individual therapy plan.

    Patient Care Service

    An open and independent ear for your questions, concerns, requests, feedback, and complaints – for personal matters that also need to be discussed in everyday life at the clinic. Patients and relatives can choose what they require. We offer this wide range of services through our Patient Care Service. Please call internal extension 5949.

    Pastoral and spiritual care

    The pastoral and spiritual care team supports and assists patients and their relatives in the case of questions and concerns irrespective of faith or cultural background. They offer rituals and religious services in the Prayer Room. Communion / Eucharist is also possible at the patient’s bedside on request.
    Contact: internal extensions 5843 and 5844. If there is no reply, call Reception on 111.


    The library in the Guido A. Zäch Institute (GZI) contains specialist literature, fiction, audio books, and games. Internal extension 5778.
    Opening times:
    Monday to Friday 9 am – 1 pm
    2 pm – 4.45 pm
    In addition, a volunteer brings a selection of books to the wards between 7 and 9 pm every Wednesday evening.

    Voluntary service

    If our services do not cover all your requirements, we have the option of using volunteers for certain services (e.g. visiting service, bedside
    watch, etc.). Please contact the Ward Management team if you need further support.


    The Ward Management team will be happy to provide you with information about separate services such as meals, assistance, seminars, and courses for relatives. Hotel rooms and studios are available on the campus at Hotel Sempachersee (HSS). Information is available on telephone number +41 41 939 23 23
    or internal extension 2323.
    Opening times of HSS Reception:
    staffed 24/7

    Daily newspapers

    Various daily newspapers in French, German, and Italian are available in the day rooms.


    If you wish, you can pay to have your clothes washed and dried by our in-house laundry. Please take your clothes to the laundry in a named plastic bag (available on the ward). Please see the separate 51.030-MB information leaflet. Handing in and collection of laundry: Monday to Friday 10 – 11 am

    Your active participation in improvements

    Let us know if you are not satisfied with something or if you see things that could be improved. We will take your feedback seriously. If we can make improvements based on your suggestions, you will be helping yourself and other patients.
    You can provide feedback as follows:

    • In a personal discussion with your ward manager or your speciality registrar
    • By placing your written concerns in the letter box (which is emptied twice a week)
    • By contacting Verena Birri, Responsible for Patient Care Service, on internal extension 5949 for a personal discussion
    • By contacting Annina Baumann, Responsible for Quality Management, on internal extension 5760
  • Flowers and plants

    Cut flowers are welcome to brighten up your room. However, orchids, cacti and plants potted in earth or hydroculture media are not
    permitted for reasons of hygiene. The Hotel Service team is happy to take care of your cut plants on Wednesdays and Saturdays.


    If you trigger a fire alarm by failure to observe the house rules regarding smoking products, candles, and personal electrical devices, and cause damage to furniture and other equipment, you will be charged for the costs incurred. We are a smoke-free hospital; there are specifically
    designated smoking areas outside.

    Money and valuables

    We recommend that you only bring small amounts of cash with you. There is an ATM for withdrawing cash on the ground floor. You can keep your jewellery and other valuables in your lockable bedside cabinet. Please ask the nursing staff for a key. The SPC accepts no liability for loss. If your property is stolen despite taking all precautions, please inform the responsible nursing staff immediately.

    Safety officer

    Our safety officer will be happy to help if you have questions regarding safety. The nursing staff responsible for your care will be able to put you in touch with him.

  • Selecting and ordering

    Our kitchen team offers a wide selection of dishes. You will find details of the complete range of dishes on offer on the menu plan
    on the terminal.
    Please order your meals from the Hotel Service team by 1.30 pm on the previous day.

    Hotel Service

    The Hotel Service team will inform you of the wide range of hotel services available. During your stay, members of the Hotel Service
    team will be happy to help you select and order your meals and drinks. It is your responsibility to order food. Please place your order with the Hotel Service team by 1.30 pm on the previous day. If we do not receive an order by 1.30 pm, you will receive Menu 1 on the following day.
    The Hotel Service team is available to take your orders as follows:
    9.30 am – 6 pm on your ward
    12 – 1.30 pm in the Casino
    6 – 7.30 pm in the Casino
    If you have private or semi-private insurance, you will receive additional information about our extra services. These additional services are listed in a separate brochure.

    Meals for visitors on the ward

    Visitors can pay cash to eat meals in the restaurant of the SPC. 

    Service and meal times

    Breakfast is laid out in the day room. Lunch and dinner are served in the “Casino”.
    Breakfast on weekdays: 7.30 – 9.30 am
    Sunday and public holidays: 8.30 – 9.30 am
    Sunday brunch: from 10 am
    Lunch: 12 – 12.45 pm
    Dinner: 6 – 6.45 pm
    Meals will be served in your room if there are medical reasons for this.


    Members of the Hotel Service team will look after you in the “Casinos”. They will be happy to offer advice and help during the meal.

    Nutritional counselling

    The nutritional counsellor is the person to speak to about questions relating to nutrition during your stay. She will provide you with advice and support as well as putting together the best possible diet for you in consultation with the doctors. Please speak to your doctor to book an appointment.


    Tea and mineral water are available free of charge. Other non-alcoholic drinks, which you will be charged for, can be obtained from the Hotel Service team during the drinks round in the morning or the afternoon. In theory, we have no objection to people consuming alcohol in moderation, although the age restrictions specified in the Alcohol Act apply. However, make sure to check with your doctor that alcohol is compatible with your medicines.

    Public restaurant in the SPC

    Opening times:
    Monday to Friday 6.30 am – 10 pm
    Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 8 am – 10 pm
    Our offer:

    • Two daily menus
    • Salad and vegetarian buffet
    • Various snacks in the evening
    • Dessert buffet on Sunday

    Please do not bring your own food to eat in the self-service restaurant. Thank you very much for your understanding.

    Restaurant Aurora in the GZI

    You can book the Restaurant Aurora for your exclusive event. Please ring internal extension 2600 for information (seminar and events).

    Ordering cakes, party platters, and aperitif snacks and drinks

    Would you like to order a cake or a party platter for your own event, or to organise a small aperitif party? Please place your orders on internal extension 5699 or on bestellungen-gastronomie@paraplegie.ch. Orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Multimedia patient terminal

    A modern and contemporary multimedia patient terminal is available to you with telephone services, TV, radio, games, magazine offers, internet, and the patient intranet. The infrastructure in your room (light, blind, insect protection, etc.) can also be controlled using the room control technology.
    At the time of your admission, you will be allocated a personal telephone number that will be yours for your whole stay. To obtain an outside line, please dial 0 and then the number you need. For internal calls, please dial the four-digit extension of the person you wish to speak to. Internal calls are free of charge. External calls are charged at standard telephone rates (without surcharges). Telephone charges are invoiced once a month by Patient Administration. The
    invoice will be sent to your room.
    More than 100 TV channels, more than 100 radio stations, more than 400 digital magazines, and the internet can all be accessed free of charge. You will also find useful information about your stay on the patient intranet.

  • By car

    You can leave your car in our car park during your stay with us.
    Cars may not be parked permanently in the outdoor parking
    spaces. Parking charges apply in the covered car park. Patient
    Administration will be able to provide you with further information.
    Nottwil is not far from the A2 motorway (connecting Basel to
    Lucerne). Take the Sursee exit and follow the signs to the SPC.

    By train or bus

    The Nottwil SBB railway station, which is 700 m from the SPC, is
    wheelchair-accessible. The bus stop on the Sursee – Nottwil –
    Buttisholz – Ruswil – Wolhusen route is located right by the main
    entrance to the SPC. The buses are wheelchair-accessible and
    run every hour. Timetables for public transport are available from


    • Tixi-Taxi Sursee, T 0848 849 477, Monday to Friday 8 am to 12 pm
    • Silber Tixi Sursee, T 079 625 13 30 offer taxi services with specially equipped vehicles
    • If you need a taxi at short notice over the weekend, please contact Reception on internal extension 111

    You must organise and pay for your journeys following your discharge. In the case of medical indications, transport can be organised with your doctor‘s consent


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