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Even a well-intentioned will sometimes causes disagreements among heirs: who gets how much money, who gets the house, the jewellery and the paintings? Only a correctly written will ensures that your last wishes will be adhered to. 

Alfred Trümpler - Testament Ratgeber bestellen

Deal with your inheritance in good time

Alfred Trümpler took the pressure off his offspring by finding out about the topic of inheritance in good time.
“My will means that everything is clearly regulated and I have been able to free up my mind for other things.” 

Together with the VermögensZentrum (VZ) wealth management centre, the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation has written a guide to wills. In this guide, you will find out:

  • Why a will prevents your loved ones from “ending up with nothing”
  • How to organise an executor
  • Which legal regulations you need to adhere to
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