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Guided tours

Plan your guided event here with us

In a personal discussion with your tour guide, you can ask questions and obtain a personal insight into work at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre. You can select the most suitable programme for your visit to the Nottwil Campus from the available options.


Visit to the exhibition

The exhibition shows the day-to-day life of people with a spinal cord injury. It creates an intimate framework for the tour guides to tell stories from their own lives and to address various topics that are close to their heart. It also enables the whole group to try out a wheelchair.

Guided tour of the SPC

The guided tour of the SPC will provide you with an insight into day-to-day life in the clinic. In addition to understanding the dimensions, you will also find out about the network of services of the Swiss Paraplegic Group.

Wheelchair handling

Round off your trip to Nottwil with a special experience. Book a one-hour wheelchair course as an add-on to your guided tour. Complete the course to find out what it takes to overcome small obstacles in a wheelchair.

This one-hour lesson is held outdoors, whatever the weather. Bring weather-appropriate clothing.

Please note that this offer can ONLY be booked as an add-on to a visit to the exhibition or a guided tour of the SPC.




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