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Sounding Board - Supporting innovations

Individuals with spinal cord injuries understand the needs of people with the condition better than anyone.
That's why we offer individuals living with spinal cord injury the opportunity to get involved in future innovation projects of the Swiss Paraplegic Group through our Sounding Board.

What is a Sounding Board?

We support innovative projects to enable people with a spinal cord injury to lead independent lives in the best possible health. With this project, we aim to directly involve those affected, which is why we have set up the Sounding Board, which comprises a “pool of individuals living with spinal cord injury” who have agreed to be contacted periodically and without obligation by the Innovation Hub.

Die kontaktierten Personen können jedes Mal freiwillig The individuals contacted can voluntarily decide whether to take part in surveys, discussions, product testing, or provide feedback each time. Targeted feedback enables user-oriented (further) development of the corresponding projects. All members of the Sounding Board for people with an SCI are invited to an annual meeting in Nottwil.

Examples of projects for which input can be provided

Are you a wheelchair user? Would you like to become a member of the Sounding Board??

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Number of members

There are no limits in terms of numbers. The more members, the better.


Participants in the Sounding Board will not receive any compensation (except for any travel expenses or involvement in extensive surveys, tests or participation in focus groups).

Enquiries and contact

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