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Pastoral and spiritual care

Our understanding of pastoral and spiritual care

meet – listen – support

Pastoral and spiritual care is a qualified, judgement-free, mindful service offering support for patients and their relatives, as well as employees of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre.

  • The individual in question is the focus, with their aspirations, joys, and troubles, regardless of their association with a particular religion or religious denomination, and regardless of their worldview.

  • In addition to the physical, social and psychological dimensions, spirituality is an important resource in recovery and dealing with things that cannot be changed.

  • Our pastoral and spiritual care service is subject to an obligation to secrecy with regard to all meetings and discussions.


The focus is on the relevant individual, with their aspirations, joys and troubles.

Our remit

Listening, supporting and accompanying.

  • Celebrating religious services and rituals (such as an evening meal/communion, prayers, blessings, and symbols).

  • On request, bringing in pastoral care workers from diverse religious communities.

  • Emergency response and terminal care.

  • Organisation of a visiting service by volunteers.


Key focus

  • Pastoral and spiritual care sometimes simply means staying with someone and listening.

  • As providers of pastoral care we look for what brings strength, confidence, and hope, together with those affected.

  • As providers of pastoral care we practice a liberating religiousness which promotes life, permits doubt, and reinforces hope.


Prayer room

  • In the non-denominational prayer room at the main entrance, people of any religion or none can find peace, words of encouragement, symbols of hope, and light in the dark.

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Pastoral and spiritual care Team

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