Physiotherapie bei Rückenschmerzen

Physiotherapy for back pain

Functional investigation and therapy

Functional therapy is often used for acute and chronic back pain or limitations to joint movement. Although muscles, tendons and joints themselves are not or only slightly damaged, their interplay is disturbed. This in turn results in pain and limitations to movement.

In over 90% of lower back pain, there is a mechanical reason for the problems, which are usually caused by overloading or muscular imbalance.

Jasper Loots, Physiotherapist, Back Therapy Specialist

Main focus of functional therapy

The main focus of functional therapy is on the function of the back. Various scientific studies have shown that active therapy and information are the methods of choice for back pain not clearly caused by damage to structures. Here with us, you will get to know your back and the behaviour of your symptoms better, which will enable you to influence pain behaviour at the right time. Specific strengthening and active mobilisation exercises will allow you to increase your load-bearing capacity, which will make you less susceptible to recurrent problems.

Functional therapy offer

Functional therapy not only allows a differentiated assessment but also the gentle treatment of locomotor system dysfunction.

  • Clinical investigation: physiotherapy specialists carry out a functional assessment. in the process, we use clinical tests to evaluate the muscles and spinal joint functions.
  • Behaviour tips: depending on what our investigations show, we will give you valuable tips for your day-to-day life immediately after the investigation.
  • Treatment plan: based on the results of the investigation, we will compile an individual treatment plan with you and support you as you achieve your goals.
  • Training therapy: if indicated, you will have the opportunity to undergo medical training therapy in the Swiss Paraplegic Centre. In the case of upcoming surgery, strengthening the torso muscles may result in a better surgical outcome.
  • Advice: if you would like to benefit from our know-how, but it is too far for you to get to us, we will compile an individual training programme for you based on our treatment strategy that you can perform independently at home or at a local gym. We are also happy to advise you in your choice of suitable therapy options close to your home.

Group offers

  • GLA:D Back: we run a group programme at regular intervals that is customised to your symptoms. You take part in group training for twelve weeks and learn a lot about your back in the process.
  • Back fitness: after you have completed GLA:D or if the programme is not suitable for you, we offer a further training group that meets regularly to train and to exchange information.

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