Pain psychiatry

Modern pain therapy has developed from earlier models that focused solely on physical function into what are known as multimodal therapy approaches. This means that physical, psychological and social treatment approaches are used alongside and at the same time as each other, which corresponds to the biopsychosocial model.

Sleep disorders, depression and anxiety disorders are particularly frequent concomitant psychological disorders experienced by pain patients. Some of these conditions will already have existed before the pain disease and have a negative effect on the latter and some may only develop during the course of the pain disorder. Identifying and treating these issues is an important component of the successful comprehensive treatment of our patients. This is why pain physiotherapy and/or psychiatric assessment and treatment, if required, is an important component of successful therapy for chronic pain.

Schmerzpsychiatrie im Zentrum für Schmerzmedizin

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  • Dr. med. Sven Brockmüller Zentrum für Schmerzmedizin

    Sven Brockmüller, M.D., MSc in interdisciplinary pain medicine

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