Treatments we offer - Hand and Tetrahand Surgery

Treatments we offer

  • Outpatient hand consultation for patients with and without underlying neurological disease
  • Upper extremity reconstructive procedures (elbow extension and hand function) in quadriplegics using tendon and nerve transfers
  • Reconstructive procedures on the upper extremities in patients with functional impairment due to peripheral nerve injuries or other neurological diseases
  • Surgical procedures to correct spastic deformities of the upper extremities
  • All hand surgery treatments and procedures such as: 
    - Nerve compression syndromes (carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, etc.)
    - Dupuytren contracture, snapping finger, ganglion
    - Treatment of arthrosis of the hand (thumb saddle joint arthrosis, finger joint arthrosis)
    - Microsurgical interventions (nerve injuries, nerve tumors, neuromas)