As part of an interdisciplinary treatment team, we accompany inpatients and their relatives through the rehabilitation process. We support them, in particular, in processing and coming to terms with the underlying medical disease or the consequences of the accident. One important aspect consists of strengthening patients in their autonomy, activating their existing resources and building up new ones.

ParaWork and ParaWG clients can register for outpatient psychotherapy with us. If we have available capacity, we also offer therapy places for former inpatients or able-bodied people from the local area.

Psychological Service

The consequences of a spinal cord paralysis are extremely far-reaching. They affect a person not only at a physical level, but also in terms of the social and psychological aspects of his or her very existence. The person is injured in his or her entirety, and many things that were previously considered to be meaningful and emotionally stabilising are suddenly called into question or destroyed. In addition to the medical aspects, there are often questions about numerous day-to-day topics, such as independence, planning for the future, relationships, hobbies, acceptance and body image, sexuality and partnership.

Dealing with these topics is essential in most cases. In addition to fundamental life changes, they contain opportunities for personal growth and can play a key role in learning to deal with the spinal cord injury constructively.


D. Stirnimann 2015, Klinische Psychologie bei Querschnittlähmung (clinical psychology in spinal cord injury), p. 272:

“In most cases, the spinal cord injury remains an inescapable fact -
only the way it is dealt with can be optimised.”

Our offer


  • Therapies for inpatients and their relatives are included in the per-case flat rate.
  • Outpatient therapies can be settled through basic insurance.


  • English, French, German, Italian, Spanish


Our psychologists

Our team consists of seven federally recognised psychotherapists and one assistant psychologist undergoing psychotherapy training.


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