The pharmacy at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre is for retail as well as hospital dispensing.

Retail pharmacy

The retail pharmacy can be used by all customers – this includes patients at the Outpatient Care Unit, visitors to the Swiss Paraplegic Centre, relatives of patients as well as people living in the region. Whether you need over-the-counter products or prescription medication, our team will be happy to help.

Hospital pharmacy

The hospital pharmacy takes care of the pharmaceutical needs of our inpatients and is the Swiss Paraplegic Centre’s main point of contact for all questions about pharmaceuticals.

Office hours

Monday to Friday
8.30 am to 5 pm

What we offer

    • We make sure that, as a patient, you get your medicines at the right time.
    • We buy medicines, store them and dispense them to the wards. We pay close attention to cost-effectiveness, quality and safety, ensuring that we buy at optimum conditions, for example, and eliminating the risk of dangerous misidentification by stocking products which are clearly distinguishable.
    • If specific medicines are not available from our usual suppliers, we will source equivalent substitutes within the country or even abroad.
    • The hospital pharmacy is the main point of contact for Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC) employees seeking information about medicines – regarding correct application and storage, for example, or any additional information.
    • We also provide support in optimising pharmaceutical therapy for patients. If problems arise, we consider your medication needs; for example if you have trouble swallowing, or if medication must be administered via a tube, we will aim to supply unit doses that you can use more easily.
    • We review the list of medicines used at the SPC twice a year, in the context of Medicines Commission audits.

    We hold the following cantonal licence from the Lucerne Department of Health (Gesundheitsdirektion Luzern):

    • Operating the hospital pharmacy
    • Preparing all pharmaceuticals except sterile medication and cytostatic agents
    • Procurement, storage and use of anaesthetics
    • The SPC has held a licence to run a retail pharmacy since 2013. This means it is possible buy medicines, bandaging material or care products from our pharmacy, whether you are a patient being discharged or in outpatient treatment; as a visitor; or even as someone who lives in the region.
    • One particular focus in our work is responding to questions about medication therapy for people with spinal cord injuries, as there are specific legal considerations in this area. Because of the networking of doctors, nurses and other therapists within the SPC, we are in an ideal position to offer the best information available, and to collaboratively adapt therapies in the event of problems.
    • We see ourselves as an information hub for medications. Our aim is to ensure that our patients are well-informed, whether or not they have spinal cord injuries. As such, we are always happy to take the time to address your questions and concerns.
    • We have customers from all over Switzerland, and even from around the world; we can provide information in German, French and Italian, as well as English.
    • We can invoice prescription medication directly through health insurance, accident insurance or disability insurance companies. We do this according to strict quality criteria in respect to monitoring dosage, interaction, side effects and correct administration.
    • Since 2013 the SPC has also held a licence to ship medicines.
    • Our customers can request for medication to be sent to their door by post – this service is particularly useful for medicines that may be difficult to obtain.
    • The only prerequisite is that you supply a valid prescription, whether from our Outpatient Care Unit or from your attending doctor. You can send your prescription to us by post, fax or email to:

Our specialists


  • Swiss Paraplegic Centre – Pharmacy

    Guido A. Zäch Strasse 1, CH-6207 Nottwil

    Phone +41 41 939 59 59
    Fax +41 41 939 59 60
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