Pain physiotherapy

During pain physiotherapy, experts examine the musculoskeletal system and perform personalised assessments of the everyday limitations of patients. Goals and treatment options can only be discussed with the patient after a thorough evaluation of the patient’s symptoms. When it comes to chronic ailments, the primary goal of therapy is often to improve the patient’s quality of life despite the presence of pain. Regardless of the duration of the disorder, each and every patient can expect to enjoy an improvement in their ability to cope with pain.

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At the Centre for Pain Medicine, you’re always in good hands. We are an experienced team of specialised pain physiotherapists. After a thorough initial diagnosis, we guide you on your path to a better way of life. If you have travelled a long distance to reach our centre, then after the initial diagnosis we will provide recommendations for therapists who practise near your place of residence. 

  • Karina Ottiger-Böttger, Zentrum für Schmerzmedizin

    Karina Böttger

    Head of Physiotherapy at the CPM

    MAS msk PT, PT OMT svomp®

  • careddu_silvia_701_0129

    Karin Schwerzmann

  • Zentrum für Schmerzmedizin

    Nikolai Sigajew

  • Zentrum für Schmerzmedizin

    André Pirlet

    Sports Scientist and Physiotherapist