ParaWork offers customised programmes to help its clients enter the workforce.

We place great importance on the individuality, respect and autonomy of our patients. Our flexible approach allows patients to cultivate high levels of individual responsibility, empowerment and confidence in their future. 

Our services

  • Job integration for inpatients and outpatients

    • Introductory information
    • Integration measures (strength and rehabilitation training)

    • Comprehensive information on specific jobs
    • Custom job training
    • “Perspektivenjahr", a year of combined job/studies
    • Remedial outpatient education
    • Ancillary services (accommodation, nutrition)

    ParaWork/ParaSchool accepts a total of 20 patients for their informational and educational sessions, which are divided into the following subjects:

    • PC skills (MS Office), ECDL Base courses
    • Handicrafts (jewellery, watches, fine mechanics)
    • Technology (electronics, CAD, CNC and 3D printing)
    • Sales jobs
    • Expert knowledge in languages/mathematics and school performance
    • Individual learning and training groups
    • Continuing education
    • Cognitive performance/intellectual capacities
    • Work and learning methods
    • Finger and hand skills (handling of tools in the place of work/training)

    We are also a certified test centre for:

    • Basic-Check

    • Stellwerk-Check

    • Ressourcen-Mosaik
  • Once they start a job or training programme, patients and employers are closely supervised by experienced professionals. They are therefore much more likely to enjoy long-term success upon re-entering the workforce.

    Job coaching

    • Our coaching team helps patients as they become integrated into the mainstream job market.

    • Coaches organise all the needs of patients and their entourage (employers, doctors, guarantors, insurance companies)

    Vocational coaching

    • Coaches help students with their training programmes (apprenticeship/re-education)

    • Coaches organise all the needs of patients and their entourage (training facility and school staff, teachers, doctors, guarantors, insurance companies)

    • Coaches also coordinate remedial education (patient school/ParaSchool or external training)

Parawork Manager

Our team

The ParaWork team is composed of people with highly diverse backgrounds and skill sets. We value the time we spend with our clients, and approach our counselling, coaching and training with both joy and excitement. We are teachers, recruiters, job coaches, administrators and apprentices.

We are a skilled team of professionals with experience in a number of different disciplines. Job integration is an important part of our overall service portfolio. ParaWork boasts years of experience helping paraplegics find their way back into the workforce.


Information for employers

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