Medical services we offer

Our specialisation in all types of spinal disorder enables us to offer a wide range of medical services and in-depth expert knowledge. We focus on procedures involved in neurosurgery, spinal surgery, surgical orthopaedics (for example surgery of the hand, shoulder, knees or feet), plastic surgery and neurourology. We also administer established anaesthesia procedures for all of these.

Our care services

Our specialist professionals will provide you with care and support throughout your outpatient or inpatient treatment, during and after the procedure. Before the operation we talk you through the process and can work with you to identify the ideal anesthetic procedure; during the operation we monitor all your vital bodily functions; and after the operation we treat any pain you may experience.

To ensure that you have a quiet space and privacy, visits in the recovery room are restricted to special situations, and only allowed in consultation with our medical care staff. Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs. 


Further education roles

The FMH recognises us as a category C further education organisation for anaesthesia. Interested doctors can complete part of their curriculum with us. Nurses can complete their HF postgraduate studies in anaesthesia nursing with us.



Our specialists


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