Music therapy

In music therapy, the different components of music (sound, rhythm, melody, dynamics, form) are used to communicate and express emotions, atmospheres, needs, conflicts and blocks. Music activates self-healing powers, addresses resources, and can trigger transforming processes. The vibrations of specific instruments can stimulate and/or relax cells of the body.

Free and scenic improvisation (instrumental, vocal), receptive music therapy, imagination, sound journeys and sound worlds: music awakens emotions, can express them, and facilitates creativity. As a psychodynamically-oriented treatment procedure, music therapy is specifically used to promote, preserve and restore health.

Our therapy offer is mainly available to inpatients. If we have available capacity, we also offer outpatient therapies.


Music therapy in the Swiss Paraplegic Centre

Our offer

  • Restoring physical, emotional and mental balance
  • Activating self-healing powers
  • Activating, facilitating and developing individual resources
  • Providing support in managing the disease
  • Raising awareness of emotions, needs, conflicts and blocks
  • Creatively confronting problems
  • Expanding the capacity to express oneself
  • Expanding and differentiating the capacity to experience
  • Stimulating voluntary motor movement, self-efficacy
  • Dealing with acute and chronic pain


  • Therapies for inpatients are included in the per-case flat rate.
  • Outpatient therapies can be settled through additional insurance. Please clarify with your insurance which costs will be covered before starting therapy.



  • English, German, French, Italian


Our music therapy team

Our team consists of two qualified music therapists.


We offer internships

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