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Solidarity cannot be delegated to the state. It requires people who look after those in need. Guido A. Zäch

The Swiss Paraplegic Foundation relies on donations. It is only with the generous support of many people that we can provide comprehensive assistance to people with a spinal cord injury and support them throughout their lives. In addition to numerous companies, foundations and individuals who donate, there are often special events and innovative ideas to support the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. Thank you very much for this valuable commitment!

Charity Swim

  • On Sunday, 11 August 2019, the starting conditions could not have been better when the two sports students, Gian Gmünder and Luca Beugger, started their charity swim at 7 am in glorious sunshine and warm temperatures. For almost twelve hours the two young athletes took it in turns to swim across Lake Sempach until a thunderstorm forced them to stop 6.45 pm, shortly before the end. They covered 28,537 metres and crossed Lake Sempach six times (there and back) between them. They used their charity swim to raise funds for the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation and the Swiss Paraplegic Centre. «Through my family, I have a particular connection to the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil», explains Gian Gmünder. His grandfather worked with Guido A. Zäch. «It was clear to us from the beginning that we wanted to use our swim to support people with a spinal cord injury.»
    Thanks to this fantastic event and numerous supporters, they were able to donate 5,510 Swiss francs to the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. We would like to thank Gian and Luca for this fantastic and successful sports event.

    Film clip of the event

Matterhorn Challenge

  • «Something that is fun and that helps other people», is what Julia Jauch wanted to do for her final project. The young woman from Uri is a passionate runner and foot-baller. For the part of her project that was about helping others, she gathered information about various foundations. «In the end, I decided on the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. Not least because my project is about running», explains Ms Jauch. She called her sponsored run the «Matterhorn challenge». The aim was to run and compete in races to cover a total of 200 kilometres, which is the exact distance from where she lives to the top of the Matterhorn, within three months. Her dream is to run the Zermatt marathon one day.
    Julia Jauch put together a training plan, looked for sponsors and started training in the steep landscape around Bristen. She used her running watch to record the distance covered. «It was really cool the way people in the village motivated me», she remembers. «Occa-sionally other young people joined me on my runs, which gave me an extra boost.» She gained many experiences along the way. «I thought the last kilometre would be the best moment. But it was brilliant when I achieved a personal best in the Lake Sempach race.» She had to run many hours in the rain, try and coordi-nate school and football training, and deal with breathing issues caused by her exercise-induced asthma. «Giving up was never an option», clarifies Ms Jauch. «It was always in the back of my mind who I was doing all this for.» The student ran 200.2 km in a total of 23 hours and 50 minutes, and covered a difference in altitude of 5195 metres
    She gave the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation a donation of 1566 Swiss francs.  Thank you for your fantastic commitment, Julia!

Saddles for hippotherapy

  • In 2013, the equestrian sports supplier Stübben GmbH received the commission from Nottwil to produce a saddle suitable for equine therapy with patients with a spinal cord injury. «This special business contact gave us the idea of announcing, at Christmas 2016, two special customised presents for patients of the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in the name of our customers», remembers Frank Stübben, General Manager of the Stans-based company. In late March 2016, together with his Operational Manager Xaver Odermatt, he brought the specially produced therapy saddles worth 7000 Swiss francs to Nottwil. Horse trainers Robert Portmann and Erich Ackermann gratefully received the exceptional donation. Equine therapy (physiotherapy with small horses) was introduced at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in 1994. There are eight specially trained Icelandic horses available for this purpose in the stable on the Nottwil Campus. The movements patients experience when sitting on a horse have a circulation-boosting and strengthening effect, which can help relax cramped muscles in the legs and back and alleviate pelvic stiffness.

Fundraising ride

  • Samantha Wildi raised over 4000 Swiss francs with a “fundraising ride” for the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. The physiotherapist who works at the SPC invested numerous hours of her own time into the project. More than 200 people came to WIllisau, and 66 riders covered a circuit of up to 54 kilometres on their horses.
    Why this high level of commitment?
    During her work at the SPC, she saw that many people did not have the financial means to buy themselves things that would make their everyday life considerably easier. «Money from benefactors or direct aid does not cover everything.» Financing a new seat cushion that costs 800 Swiss francs is not a straightforward matter for everyone. «I can see how much help certain people with a spinal cord injury require. I was raising money for these individuals.»

Success has only two letters: DO! Quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Would you like to do something good and support people with a spinal cord injury?

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We are also happy to inform you about our ongoing fundraising projects. 


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