PhD Program

For Swiss Paraplegic Research (SPF) it is essential to recruit researchers and to train them. Therefore a structured PhD program in Health Sciences was developed at the University of Lucerne in 2010.

Currently there are almost 22 PhD students registered for the PhD program at the University of Lucerne who are doing research at SPF in Nottwil at the same time. PhD students who decide to graduate at the University of Lucerne automatically become members of the Graduate School and may benefit from its range of courses and funding opportunities.

The structured PhD program offers courses and workshops in the areas «disciplinary perspectives in Health Sciences», «comprehensive understanding of health and functioning» and «methods». Special focus lies on the interdisciplinary learning environment: through colloquia, the PhD students present their research projects. Following the presentation, there is a project discussion among the PhD students chaired by experienced researchers.

The collaboration between SPF and the Department of Health Sciences and Medicine at the University of Lucerne enables young academics to compile their PhD theses in a structured, well supervised and internationally competitive way.

PhD Program Swiss Paraplegic Research


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