Ausbildung und Weiterbildung

Vocational training and continuing education

The Swiss Paraplegic Group is one of the 20 biggest employers in Central Switzerland, and offers several vocational training and continuing education programmes in a variety of different fields - both for its employees and to members of the general public. 

Ein breites Ausbildungsangebot und Weiterbildungsangebot

Employees as well as members of the public can find a variety of vocational training and continuing education programmes at Nottwil.

Offers for members of the public

We offer a wide and diverse range of continuing education programmes at the Swiss Paraplegic Group campus in Nottwil.


An offer for healthcare professionals and laypeople who wish to learn more about spinal cord injuries.
Paracademy offers

Emergency care with Sirmed

Rescue service apprenticeships and rescue and emergency care continuing education programmes for professionals and First Responder.
Sirmed educational opportunities

Offers for people with spinal cord injuries

Continuing education and extracurricular courses for patients and relatives.
Courses and events
Para Know-how


Vacancies for SPC employees

Lifelong learning is a must. We are committed to long-term personal development. Take advantage of our wide selection of in-house seminars, which cover professional as well as more general topics. 

In-house training programmes (PDF, in german)


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