Information on contingency and estate

As long as you are fit and healthy, you will always make your own decisions about what is important and significant to you. However, what happens if you become incapable of judgement? This is why you should plan ahead and determine, for example with an advance health care directive, a health care proxy or a will, what will happen if you are no longer able to make decisions in future.

Our information on contingency and estate will help you to deal with all the important questions today in order to ensure that your wishes are also adhered to in future.

  • Your family situation will determine who your legal heirs are after your death. Your heirs will come first in the line of succession. Your spouse or your registered partner will inherit together with your heirs. However, the divisible portion provides scope for your own instructions.

    Find out more in the video clip. (in German)

    Information sheet on writing a will (in German)

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  • An advance health care directive enables you to determine in advance which medical measures should be taken for you if you are suddenly incapable of judgement.

    Find out more in the video (in German).

    Advance health care directive information sheet

  • With a personal health care proxy, you can ensure that your wishes are still taken into account if you are no longer able to express them if an accident or disease leaves you incapable of judgement.

    Find out more on this topic in the video (in German) or on the information sheet. 

    Health care proxy information sheet (in German)

  • When somebody dies, he or she leaves behind numerous digital traces, i.e. a digital legacy. Is it not in our own interest to have a say in what happens with our data after our death?


    Information sheet on digital legacy (in German)

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With your estate you can help people in a wheelchair lead a self-determined life.

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