Performance diagnostics

 What are your strength and endurance like? At the Sports Medicine Nottwil, we will carry out a detailed analysis and provide you with valuable input for your training. Whether you are just starting to exercise, or are a top athlete, able-bodied, or a wheelchair user, everyone benefits from performance diagnostics. 

The available infrastructure makes it possible to carry out various sport-specific test procedures. 

Endurance tests can be performed on a treadmill, with an ergometer (hand crank, bicycle, skis, rower or canoe), on a hand bike, or in a wheelchair or swimming pool, depending on your needs.

  • See how long you can sustain a physical activity, and the amount of time you need to recover.

  • In order for sport and rehabilitation to work best after an injury, it is important that strength be measured objectively. We offer three different strength tests.

  • When training in air with depleted levels of oxygen (hypoxia training), a patient’s breathing and muscles adapt. Hypoxia training improves performance at altitude as well as on land that is closer to sea level. This training is designed to help individuals prepare for sporting activities at high altitude (e.g. treks in the Himalayas, mountain climbing, etc.), and top athletes to improve their performance.


    CHF 100 per hour of training (including assistance by an expert)

    • Basic trekking package: 4 x 60 minutes: CHF 330
    • Fitness package: 8 x 60 minutes: CHF 640
    • Competitive package: 12 x 60 minutes: CHF 900
  • Are you looking for more targeted training, or simply to get in better shape? Do you have a specific sporting goal in mind? Or maybe you just have some questions about training? If so, then you’re in the right place.

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