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Sports medicine

We offer a wide variety of sports medicine services. Swiss medical insurance covers any services that are aimed at remedying health disorders.

  • The Sports Medicine Department is available to advise both athletes and “non-athletes" with their health problems. Patients suffering from muscle pain (back, pelvis, joints, etc.) or heart/lung problems are consulted and treated in a prompt and professional manner.

    Patients with a general practitioner insurance model are referred by their primary care physician. If your plan allows you to choose your own doctors, then feel free to make an appointment by using our contact form, or by calling +41 41 939 66 00.

    Price: Costs are usually covered by your medical insurance, depending on the issue or the scope of your ailment.

  • All sports associations in Switzerland recommend that sports medical examinations be performed in accordance with the guidelines of Swiss Olympic. A sports physician evaluates athletes with regard to their body development and the physical demands of their disciplines, and whether the practice of their sport leads to improper or excessive strain on their bodies. As a result, injuries and abnormal physical development can be avoided.

    The appointment consists of a clinical examination, a resting ECG, a blood test and a review of the patient’s medical history (obtained from the questionnaire).

    Price: Costs are usually covered by your medical insurance, depending on the issue or the scope of your ailment.

  • An exercise ECG is used to identify and chart the progress of heart diseases, and is an important tool for assessing an athlete’s risk of injury. The Sports Medicine Team uses the results of the test to customise a patient’s exercise programme. Exercise ECGs are performed until a patient reaches physical exhaustion, but are stopped beforehand in the event of abnormal changes to cardiac functions.

    Test options: bicycle ergometer, hand crank

    Price: Costs are usually covered by your medical insurance, depending on the issue or the scope of your ailment.

  • Approximately 10% of the population are predisposed to asthma. Competitive athletes who have spent years engaged in high-intensity endurance training also run the risk of developing asthma. We offer asthma tests if a patient is experiencing shortness of breath during physical activity, or to identify a predisposition to asthma at an early age.

    This test is conducted in collaboration with the Pneumology Department at the Swiss Paraplegic Centre (SPC). Pulmonary functions are measured while resting, after 6 minutes of hyperventilation and after inhaling methacholine. Your doctor will be happy to discuss your results with you, and help you devise an appropriate plan of action.

    Sports Medicine Nottwil is the only institution in Switzerland to offer an exercised-induced asthma test.

    Price: as per health insurance rates. Costs are usually covered by your medical insurance.

  • ACP therapy – also called autohaemotherapy – supports the body’s own healing process with a high concentration of growth factors. It is a very effective and safe method for the treatment of minor to moderate osteoarthrosis (stages I–III). Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of ACP therapy in the following clinical pictures:

    • tennis/golfer’s elbow (epicondylitis),
    • jumper’s knee (patellar tendonitis) and
    • heel spurs (plantar fasciitis).

    Autohaemotherapy: the treatment process

    You attend the practice and blood is taken from an arm vein. After processing (which takes 10 minutes), a specially developed syringe is used to inject the platelet-rich serum directly at the point to be treated, e.g. into the joint, tendon or muscle. The number of injections will be agreed with the doctor within the framework of the treatment.

    Price: depending on the individual case/scope. We regret that the costs will not be covered by the health insurance company.

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