"Swiss Olympic Medical Centre” quality label

“Swiss Olympic Medical Centres” (SOMCs) are medical centres that are primarily concerned with treating elite and up-and-coming athletes all across Switzerland. Swiss Olympic Medical Centres specialise in sports medicine and laboratory tests, performance diagnostics and medical training consultations. At accredited Swiss Olympic Medical Centres, sports associations find the know-how, services, capacities and infrastructure they need to achieve their sports medicine goals.

Athletes, therefore, benefit from a comprehensive range of top-of-the-line sports medicine services.

Sports medicine services

  • Prompt sports medical diagnoses/treatments following injuries or illnesses
  • Short-term transfers for treatment/diagnoses by specialists, if necessary
  • Routine sports medical check-ups
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Individual or team performance diagnostics evaluations in the area of strength and endurance training
  • Sports medical emergency service
  • Sports nutrition counselling and sports psychology

Swiss Olympic Medical Centres ensure compliance with anti-doping measures. These services and offers are regularly reviewed to ensure their quality, as well as their compliance with all Swiss Olympic requirements.

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