Endurance tests

Endurance is the ability to sustain an activity over a longer period of time and quickly recover, despite feeling more and more tired. Our tests reveal your own personal level of endurance.

  • The Conconi Test determines an individual’s maximum endurance. It is based on the measurement of a person’s heart rate and performance. Training goals can then be defined in accordance with the results.

    The test is also suitable for performing regular training progress checks. The amount of work remains constant for each performance level. This means that as performance increases, the duration of each level decreases. The Conconi threshold is calculated using the heart rate performance curve.

    Test options: bicycle ergometer, treadmill, hand crank, wheelchair, hand bike
    Price: Swiss Olympic rate, CHF 150 (including consultation)

  • With the lactate threshold test, individual training intensity zones can be determined and endurance performance can be assessed. The test is made up of two parts:

    The first part consists of a relatively quick and steady increase in workload until the individual reaches a point of exhaustion. The purpose of this part of the test is for lactic acid (lactate) to accumulate in the muscles to the point of hyperacidity.
    Once hyperacidity has been achieved, the workload is immediately increased on an incremental basis. This allows for the accumulated lactate to be broken down until the so-called “lactate threshold” is reached

    Test options: Bicycle ergometer (also possible with a racing bike), treadmill, hand crank, canoe and rowing ergometer, swimming

    Price: Swiss Olympic rate, CHF 300 (including consultation)

  • Ergospirometry is the measurement of physical performance in combination with various parameters such as pulse, maximum oxygen intake (VO2max), tidal volume, respiratory frequency, respiratory threshold, etc.
    Interaction between the organs involved in the endurance exercise (lungs, cardiovascular system) are assessed on the basis of the values obtained, and an appropriate recommendation can be made. While athletes are mainly concerned with achieving optimum performance and VO2max, ergospirometry can be useful for helping patients to identify the precise causes of their weaknesses.

    Sports Medicine Nottwil not only offers cardiopulmonary exercise tests on bicycles and treadmills, but also with a hand crank or a rowing, canoeing or skiing ergometer to test the demands of more specific sports.

    Price: Swiss Olympic rate, CHF 300

  • The Wingate Test is used to determine an athlete’s endurance (anaerobic power). This is a test for highly trained athletes. It is performed at a maximum workload for 30 straight seconds, whereby resistance is adjusted according to the individual’s body weight. It can also be used to assess an athlete's elasticity and ability to sprint.

    Test options: Hand crank, bicycle ergometer
    Price: CHF 100

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