Sports psychology

Whether you want help preparing for a competition, controlling your emotions or “simply” staying fit and healthy, we offer individual and team coaching to address all your needs. This coaching includes relaxation techniques, concentration and attention exercises, team building, crisis handling and much more.

Success depends on much more than just physical training and sophisticated technology. Only when the mind and body are working in perfect harmony can peak performances be achieved.

Have you experienced…

...a lack of serenity on the day of the big event? inability to motivate your team?

...a mistake that had a negative impact on subsequent training sessions and competitions?

These are just a few examples of the many situations a sports psychologist, using solution-driven methods, can help you to overcome.

Sports psychologists will not only allow you to improve your performance, but also to learn injury prevention or rehabilitation techniques and make the most of your sporting environment. Individuals, however, are at the heart of all our treatments. Sports psychology coaching enables individuals to define and strengthen their personal resources, and to use them to reach their goals.

Price: Individual consultation CHF 180–200/hour, team consultation available upon request.

Sportmedizin Nottwil - Sportpsychologie

Sports psychology consultation at Sports Medicine Nottwil

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