Assistive Technology Forum (ATF)

ATF Assistive Technology Forum

The networking event for leading players in Assistive Technology

The Assistive Technology Forum is a conference aimed at established suppliers in the AT industry. The goals of the ATF are: boosting development, generating new insights and exchanging knowledge. Let us strive for excellence together! 

  • ATF-Talk 2021

    Due to the pandemic, there will be no ATF (Assistive Technology Forum) in 2021. In order to ensure that the exchange of information is not neglected, we are launching the virtual ATF-Talk. Every month Fiore Capone interviews an industry expert to exchange news & trends of the AT industry. The interview can be followed live and questions can be asked.

  • Rednet proudly presents the second edition of the Assistive Technology Forum (ATF), the networking event for leading players in Assistive Technology. It is our pleasure and privilege to invite you to attend and be part of this international conference, held at the renowned Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil. The ATF is hosted by Rednet, a brand of Active Communication and part of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation.

    Detailled information will follow.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you to Nottwil!

ATF 19 at a glance

  • Date

    8 November 2019

  • Location
  • Guiding vision

    Think big – push innovation – anticipate new trends

  • Participants

    > 49 participants from

    > 15 nations

    > 34 companies (manufactures, suppliers, resellers)

    > 7 key note speakers

  • Rednet proudly presented the Assistive Technology Forum (ATF) 2019, the new networking event for leading players in Assistive Technology. It was our pleasure and privilege to welcome the participants to this international conference, held at the renowned Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil. 

    The ATF is hosted by Rednet, a brand of Active Communication and part of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation. 

  • Friday 8 November 2019

    • 9:00 - 17:00 h

      Conference Sessions 
      For a list of topics, speakers and sessions see below

    • 18:00 - 23:00 h

      Hearts and Minds

      Convivial «Swiss Evening»

    Saturday 9 November 2019 (optional)

    • 10:00 - 16:00 h

      «20 years Active Communication»
      Meet Active: Public Anniversary  Celebration (Open Day) 

      Tour of the newly opened Swiss Paraplegic Foundation Visitor Centre (ParaForum) 

Conference Topics, Key Notes and Discussions

  • Transformation from retailer to service provider

  • Looking at the history of mankind from a technical point of view, the possibilities for people with so-called impairments are promising. And the view into the future is even better. The panel will discuss which groundbreaking service and business models by SMEs are needed at a time when the big tech players such as Apple, Microsoft or Google are increasingly developing content for people with handicaps. Finally, we would like to explore what the profile of a future expert in the field of consulting and provision of Assistive Technologies will look like – compare to AT experts 20 years ago?

  • You know better than that! Knowledge management is a challenge. There are many ways to share knowledge with employees and customers. But will they remember it? Studies show that after six months only 20% or less of what has been learned is still available. How can we make knowledge availa-ble in the long-term and why is this a key to success?

  • Our world is spinning faster and faster! Our thinking becomes more and more networked and global! How do you deal with it? What does this mean for your entrepreneurial and personal suc-cess? What role does the human being play behind digitalization? Experience live what is really necessary to successfully master even extreme changes in life and why in the end an analogue  process decides about your successful handling of digitisation.

  • Insight into and a guided tour of the campus of the Swiss Paraplegic Group Nottwil

  • An overview of the world market for Assistive Technology in the field of communication. The current trends and outlooks – what do we expect the market to look like in ten years time?

  • How can we promote understanding of the life-changing benefits of Assistive Technology within our society? By working in collaboration with publishers, manufacturers, value-added-resellers, AT professionals, Disability Assessors and supporting organisations we will explore how to raise the profile and knowledge of AT.  BATA has been active at a national level since 2010, and Antony will share the lessons learned and explore how this could be applied more widely.

Comments on the ATF

  • Perfect event! and thanks for 20 years of working together.

  • Many thanks for an inspiring day and even more so for the lovely cooperation over the years! Congrats on the 20th and here's to many more to come! :)

    BNC / Clevy
  • Greetings from Germany, Austria & Sweden and all the best for the next 20 years!

  • Thank you! Inspiring event with amazing people! Here's to many more years of AT.

    Nadine - Inclusive Technology
  • Congratulations! What you have achieved as a team is truly special.

  • Keep up the good work!! Looking forward to more comradery.

    Sonali - BJ Live!
  • Congratulations!! A great event, a great initiative and a great spirit! Many thanks

  • Awesome event - looking forward to 2020

  • The perfect mix of inspiration, knowledge and fun!

  • It's been a privilege to get to know you and have you as a friend!

  • I’ve been working in the field of AT for the last 40 years, attending many conferences all over the world. This was one of the best. Congratulations!

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