Perspektivenfilme der Schweizer Paraplegiker-Stiftung

Perspective films of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation

Discover the world of people with a spinal cord injury

The four short films of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation offer different perspectives of how people with a spinal cord injury master life. In addition to three artistic films, there is also a documentary about Guido A. Zäch, the founder of comprehensive rehabilitation.

With the short films, we want to touch as many people as possible and to raise awareness of the topic of spinal cord injuries. Immerse yourself in the world of people with a spinal cord injury and discover new perspectives in the process:

Das Velo (the bicycle)

Lea is young, sporty and in the prime of her life. The young woman is out on her bike when her life changes from one second to the next.

Das Velo shows the essential stages that somebody with paraplegia goes through after an accident in order to regain an independent life.

The film's protagonists are played by Swiss actors Suramira Vos (Lea) and Simon Roffler (Lukas).

At Eye Level

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to spend your life sitting down? Moving through crowds of people and having to make sure that other people’s handbags or elbows do not hit you in the face? At Eye Level was filmed at the eye level of wheelchair users. Immerse yourself in the daily routine of wheelchair users in Vietnam, Mexico, Tehran, New York, Greece and Switzerland.

More about the protagonists

Van Life

Evan has not yet fully come to terms with his new situation in a wheelchair. And his relationship with his partner is suffering. In the Joshua Tree National Park, they meet another couple who have also been through a difficult time. Will Evan be able to see the positive aspects of life again soon?

Guido A. Zäch: Human. Visionary. Pioneer.

This film offers various perspectives of Guido A. Zäch, the pioneer of comprehensive rehabilitation, and his magnificent life's work. Former patients and employees as well as associates, such as wheelchair athlete Manuela Schär and elite athlete Heinz Frei, share their personal experiences of the charismatic trailblazer.

Presentation at the Zurich Film Festival

Every other day, an act of carelessness leads to a spinal cord injury.

As a member of the Swiss Paraplegic Foundation Benefactors' Association, you'll receive a one-time payment of CHF 250,000 if you are involved in an accident that results in a spinal cord injury and permanent dependence upon a wheelchair. This payment is made wherever you are in the world, independent of insurance benefits and the place of your accident and treatment. 

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