Support for sporting events and athletes

Umfassende medizinische Betreuung von Rollstuhlsportlern jeden Alters und jeder Disziplin

Sponsorship of Marcel Hug – multiple Paralympic Champion, World Champion and our Orthotec ambassador

Support through technical know-how

On the one hand, we support sporting events with our technical know-how by, for example, maintaining the racing service. On the other hand, it is also important to us to support individual and team athletes in wheelchair sports.

We place value on long-term partnerships. This allows us to be a reliable and trustworthy partner. These many years of cooperation in turn result in new ideas for the development of specialised customisations of sports and racing wheelchairs based completely on the individual wishes of the athlete.

Orthotec – official supplier of Swiss Paralympic

The athletes – our ambassadors

  • Marcel Hug

    In addition to winning numerous medals at Swiss, European and World Championships, four-time medallist at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio (two gold and two silver). Our ambassador in all areas.

    As his successful achievements exceed the available space here, please go to his website:

  • Manuela Schär

    With a high level of professionalism and great commitment, Manuela Schär is on a journey that has already brought her great success at the top of the world leaderboard.

    As her achievements exceed the available space here, please go to her website:

  • Achievements:

    12-time Junior World Champion
    Swiss Champion:

    2010: 200 m
    2013: 200 m, 800 m
    2015: 100 m, 200 m
    Elite World Championships Lyon 2013
    5th place: 100 m, 200 m, 400 m
    8th place: 800 m
    Elite World Championships Doha 2015
    silver medal: 200 m
    4th place: 100 m, 1500 m
    5th place: 800 m
    Paralympics Rio 2016
    diploma (7th place) for 400 m
    2008: Up-and-coming athlete with great potential, NY
    2010: Thurgau Newcomer of the Year
    Swiss record holder (last updated 2018)
    100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m
    European record holder (last updated 2018)
    800 m

  • Beat Bösch

    Multiple medal winner at Swiss, European and World Championships.  He has won three silver and one bronze medal at the Paralympics and has been awarded several diplomas.

    World Championships Birmingham 1998
    1x gold (relay), 1x bronze

    Paralympics Sydney 2000
    2 diploma places

    World Championships Lille 2002
    1x gold, 1x silver, 1x bronze

    European Championships Assen 2003
    1x gold, 2x silver

    Paralympics Athens 2004
    1x silver, 1x bronze

    European Championships Espoo 2005
    1x gold, 1x silver

    World Championships Assen 2006
    2x silver

    World Championships Taipeh (IWAS) 2007
    3x gold

    Paralympics Beijing 2008
    2x silver

    World Championships Christchurch 2011
    1x gold, 1x silver

    Paralympics London 2012
    2x 4th place

    European Championships Swansea 2014
    1x gold, 1x silver

    World Championships Doha 2015
    1x bronze

    European Championships Grosseto 2016
    1x gold, 1x silver

    Paralympics Rio 2016
    1x 5th place, 1x 10th place

    World Championships London 2017
    1x 4th place 1x 7th place

    European Championships Berlin 2018
    1x silver, 1x bronze

    Swiss Championships
    60 Swiss Champion titles in 100 m, 200 m, 400 , 800 m and 1500 m

    Swiss record holder (last updated 2018)
    100 m, 200 m, 400 m and 800 m

  • Cornel Villiger

    After more than ten years as a mid- and long distance wheelchair athlete with successful participation in World Championships and European Championships, he switched his focus completely to the hand bike. As the current Swiss Champion and World Championship participant in para-cycling, he wants to use his new enthusiasm and rekindled motivation to improve his performance.

  • Rollstuhlrugby

    Since 2009, we have stood on the court behind, next to and with the national rugby team as the main sponsor.

  • Record-breaking Swiss Champions and cup winners with European awards. Since 2003, we have stood on the court behind, next to and with the Pilatus Dragons RC Zentralschweiz team as the main sponsor.

    As their achievements exceed the available space here, please go to their website:

  • Lucerne Sharks

    We have supported the Lucerne Sharks, whose passion suits us well, since autumn 2018: “Powerchair hockey is our passion as it allows us to practise an interesting sport despite our disability. We particularly like that fact that it is a fast and “action-packed” sport. Powerchair hockey finally gives us the chance to go full throttle and make the tyres squeal. This sport requires a great deal of teamwork and good moves. Playing together with the other players is also great fun.”

We also support the

  • The ALS Association of Switzerland has supported people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis since 2007.

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